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30 Gorgeous Peekaboo Braids Styles To Try in 2023

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If you are on this post, there is a great chance you have heard of Peekaboo braids. In fact, these types of braids are super popular and currently trending by many celebrities and influencers.  

One of my favorite types of braids is definitely Peekaboo braids. I love how you can take regular box braids and add color to give them to give them a cute peekaboo effect. This post will share some edgy and beautiful Peekaboo braid styles to give you inspiration for your next set of braids. 

What are Peekaboo Braids?

Peekaboo braids are traditional braids such as box braids where most of the braids are dark, such as black and brown, and the braid underneath are a different color, giving it a peekaboo effect. Usually, the color underneath is a lighter color so that it can stand out from the darker color on top. 

When someone looks at the braids at first, they might not notice that there is added color under the top braids. 

Are peekaboo braids still in 2023?

Yes, Peekaboo braids are indeed still popular in 2023. Many celebrities and influencers have made this type of braids super trendy, so I believe these braids will be around for a long time. 


30 Gorgeous Peekaboo Braids To Try in 2023

1. Red Peekaboo Braids

This is a cute Peekaboo braid style with pink braids in the back. The style also has beads at the end of the braids, giving it an edgy look. 

Red Peekaboo Braids


2. Long Black and Blue Peekaboo Braids

I love long braids, and these are super cute. For this style, they have the blue braid peeking out in the back of the hair. 

long peekaboo braids


3. Black Knotless Braids With Pink Peekaboo

These are simply gorgeous! These braids are neat and medium-sized, which is perfect. I also love the pink color on the back, which so happens to be my favorite. So, if you are looking for a cute and neat braid style, check this one out. 

Knotless braids with pink peekaboo


4. Black braids with orange peekaboo

If you are looking for another braid style but with hot pink, these will fit the bill. I love how these braids are curled at the end. 

Peekaboo Braids


5. Red Braids with Blonde Peekaboo

These braids are red, and the blonde is in the back giving it the peekaboo effect in the back. 

Red braids with blonde peekaboo


6. Black  & Red Braids

These are super cute! If you are looking for a cute and short braid style, this is perfect. 

black peekaboo braids


7. Pink & red braids

This style is great for you if you like to step out of the box with creativity. With this braid style, they have the red braids in the front and then the pretty pink braids in the back. 

Pink braids


8. Long Black Braids

These are super long knotless peekaboo braids and are really cute. I am a big fan of pink, and these have a perfect amount of pink color in them. 

Peekaboo braids


9. Purple Braids

Who loves purple? I sure do, and these braids are gorgeous. I also love how the curls are throughout the braids. 

Purple peekaboo braids


10. Black and Blonde Peekaboo Braids

These black and blonde braids are super edgy and cute. This one is perfect if you want to get dark braids with some blonde added to it. 

Black and Blonde Peekaboo Braids


11. Colorful Peekaboo Braids

I have never seen this style before, but it stood out to me when searching for the best Peekaboo braids online. If you are looking for a creative braid style, this is a great one to look into.

Colorful Peekaboo Braids 


12. Blue and Silver Braids

These black, silver, and blonde braids are super cute. I love the updo showcasing the color in the back when put in a bun.

Blue and Silver braids


13. French Braids with Heart

How cute is this style? It’s French braids with knotless braids in the back. Most of the braids in the back are red, giving it’s a fiery look. 

Heart french braids


14. Brown braids with blonde peekaboo

These braids are super long, so if you love long braids, this is one you can check out. I love the autumn-fall-like color of the braids as well.

Brown braids


15. Black and Blue Braids

These are slightly different than most of the braids in this post, but I love the blue color in the back, so I had to add. With these braids, there are also blue highlights in the front of the style. 

Black and Blue Braids


16. Black Braids with Pink Peekaboo Braids

Yes, I absolutely love the color pink, and the slightly pink color braids in the back of these braids are gorgeous. 

Black and pink peekaboo braids


17. Heart- Shaped Braids 

This style is super different and also edgy. If you are looking for a cute and creative style, this is a great one to get because not only are there knotless braids in the style, but there are heart-shaped French braids. 

Heart shaped black and blonde braids


18. Light Brown and Pink Peekaboo Braids

If you don’t want traditional black braids, maybe go brown instead. You can also add the pink braids in black, similar to the photo below. 

Light Brown and Pink Peekaboo braids


19. Black and Red Braids Updo

I love these black and red braids. In this photo, the model has an updo showcasing the different shades of red. 

Peekaboo Braids


20. Colorful Peekaboo Braids

Now, these are some of my favorite peekaboo braids. They are super neat, and the braider is absolutely amazing at braiding. The light pink and light blue are great for gender reveal parties as well. 

Colorful pink Peekaboo Braids


21. Pink and Pink Peekaboo Braids

Here is another look at these braids with the traditional black color at the top and the light pink braids in the back. 

Black pink peekaboo braids


22.  Peekaboo Tribal Braids

These are called tribal braids, and they are simply gorgeous. The braids are black and blue, and there is jewelry added to the braids. 

Blue Tribal braids


23. Feedin Braids with Blonde Peekaboo

These braids are super cute as well. The peekaboo braids are in the back in blonde and brown, giving a super neat and polished look.

French Peekaboo braids


24. Red & Blonde  Braids

If you are looking for a traditional box braid outside that showcases a creative red color, check this out.  Also, these braids are medium in look, so they are perfect for individuals who don’t want super long braids. 

Red Blonde Braids


25. Bright Red & Blonde Peekaboo Braids

This one is for all the individuals who like to put the bold color in front of the hair and the dark color braids in the back. 

right Red & Blonde Peekaboo Braids


26. Long Light Brown Braids

These knotless braids are super cute. For this style I would suggest to get 7 to 10 packs of hair to be on the safer side since it’s super long. I really love the light blue added color to the braids as well. 

long braids


27. Black Braids with Pink Highlights

Here is another cute style that showcases the pink in the back of the braids. These are medium braids in size and length and perfect if you are looking for a quick braid style for an event or wedding. 

box braids peekaboo


28. Knotless Braids with Blue Highlights

I love how these braids start off with French braids at the top and then go into knotless braids in the back. The added color makes it pop, and the beads add an extra flavor. I would totally put this style on my list.

Knotless braids

29. Super Long Black and Blonde Braids

This style is perfect if you can rock with super-long braids. This style in itself is super neat and has blonde braids added to the back, giving it that hidden shadow look. 

Long braids

30. Long Black and Green Braids

These braids are very neat and add a lime green color to the back, giving it a little more edge. So, if you love the color green, check out this braid style.

Long box braids


How many rows of color do you need for peekaboo braids?

For Peekaboo, you can do 2-3 rows for the lighter color braids; other rows can be the darker hair. 


What type of hair do you need for Peekaboo Braids?

The number of packs of hair you need for these types of braids will vary. On average, you will need around 6-8 packs of hair for medium to long Peekaboo braids.

What are the best colors for peekaboo braids?

Some of the best colors for Peekaboo braids are:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Blonde
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Fuchsia  
  • Rainbow 

Is peekaboo hair hard to maintain?

Peekaboo braids are very similar to traditional braids when it comes to maintenance. Peekaboo braids are not hard to maintain. The braids are very manageable; just make sure to take care of them by moisturizing your hair and wearing a bonnet at night. 

Final Thoughts on Peekaboo Braids

If you are looking for a cute braid style, try Peekaboo braids. This post shared 25 different styles to give you inspiration for your next braid style.

Peekaboo braids are a protective hairstyle that have added color to the back of the hair. The braids in the back of this style are usually a “pop” color, so think hot pink, blue, and blonde colors. 

Keep in mind it’s important to maintain the braids by keeping them up at night and keeping the hair moisturized. 

Do you currently have these types of braids? If so, what is your favorite color to wear in this braid style.?

Are you looking for braid inspiration? Check out this video below.


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