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18 Gorgeous Jayda Wayda Braids Hairstyles To Try

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Have you ever heard of Jayda Wayda Braids? If you haven’t, Jayda Wayda braids have become super popular in pop culture over the last few months, and here is why.

Influencer Jayda Wayda made these braids super popular by giving women a cute way to wear large braids and also by giving them a great way to protect their hair. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly style that doesn’t take a long time to create, this is the one for you. 

If you aren’t sure who Jayda Wayda is, she is a famous social media influencer with over 6 million followers. She often documents her daily life and modeling. She has been a popular influencer, which is one reason many women want to get her stylish braids. 

Over the last few months, many women have been showcasing the different types of Jayda Wayda braids, and this post will share 18 different types of Jayda Wayda braids you can check out right now. 


What are Jayda Wayda Braids?

Jayda Wayda Braids are large, chunky braids that you can wear by parting your hair into large sections to make jumbo braids.  The braid usually has two braids in the front and then three braids in the back. Laid edges are, at times, a part of this look as well. Famous social media influencer Jayda Wayda created the type of braids.

Since going viral with the braids, many women have been creating different types of Jayda Wayda braids. 


How To Maintain Jayda Wayda Braids

If you are looking to maintain your braids, follow the steps below. 

  1. Make sure to moisturize your scalp at least once daily once the braids are installed. 
  2. Wash your braids at least once a week to keep them clean. 
  3. Protect your hair at night by wearing a bonnet or scrap.
  4. Sleep with a satin pillow to help protect the hair. 
  5. Don’t wear the braids super long, as this can cause build-up with your natural hair. 

16 Gorgeous Jayda Wayda Braids Hairstyles To Try

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original image owner, please email us with proof, and we will give you credit for the image. 🙂

1. Long Black Jayda Wayda Braids

These are cute braids that you can wear if you want to wear a jumbo style. A large section of the hair is divided into a big star, and she has a total of about 10 to 15 braids. This style is great if you are looking for a protective style. 

Jayda Wayda Braids


2. Super Long Jayda Wayda Braids

Aren’t these braids gorgeous? Not only are these braids beautiful, but they are also very neat and long.  I love long braids! If you want to create this look, this braid installment should take around 1 -2 hours to create.  

As a mommy of four kids, this style is perfect for me and other moms out there, too. This style is quick to do, and it looks amazing. 

Long jayda wayda braids


3. Red Jayda Wayda Braids

These red Jayda Wayda braids are so pretty. If you like to step out the box with your braids and love to try new color, check out this style. 

Red Jayda Wayda Braids


4. Blonde  & Brown Braids

These blonde and brown braids are so pretty. I love that someone can install these jumbo braids, which still look neat. So, if you are looking for a style that doesn’t take long, check out this one. 

Blonde Jayda Wayda Braids


5. Black & Blonde Jayda Wayda Braids

Try this one out if you want to add two colors to your braids. This braid style has black and blonde braids. These are perfect if you are looking for beginner-friendly braids to do in your hair. 

Jayda Wayda Braids


6. Jayda Wayda Braids With Curls

Here is another version of the Jayda Wayda Braids. It looks to be around 7 to 9 braids on the model in this image. The key to keeping these braids neat is in the parting of the sections of the hair. 

Jayda Wayda Braids with Curls


7.  Boho Braids

Boho braids are always so pretty, and these are super cute. I love how the hair section is in an image of a heart. This style would be perfect for a holiday such as Valentine’s Day. 


8. Pink Braids

Here is a set of pink and brown braids you can try if you want something new or creative. The ends are also curly at the ends. 

Pink Braids


9. Long Black Braids

Here is another look at long black braids with the curls at the end. 

Long braids



10. Red & Black Braids

Here are some red & black braids you can try if you love red. These are super cute and great for on-go activities. 

Red and black braids


11. Pink & Black Medium Jayda Wayda Braid

I love how the stylist parted this set of braids. It gives it a puzzle look effect, which is really creative. Also, there is one added pink/red with the black braids to give it an extra edge to stand out. 

Pink and black braids


12. Green Braids

If you love out-the-box braids styles, maybe try this green one. These jumbo green are really pretty, and the model looks fabulous with the color. 

Green Braids


13. Small Waist Length Braids

These braids are smaller in size but are very pretty. If I were looking to get these braids, I would choose this size as it gives both an on-the-go look and an elegant look.  

Long black braids


14. Brown Long Braids

I love the color of these braids. It looks like it’s around 4 to 5 braids and probably took around 1 hour to create. 

Brown braids

15. Medium Jayda Braids

Here are some shorter braids if you are in need of short to medium-braid inspiration for your next style. The braids also are curled at the end. 

Medium Braids


16. Red Braids

If you are looking for long red braids, here is some inspiration for you. These braids are long and red and also are curled at the end of the braids. 

Red Braids


17. Heart Shape Braids

Who doesn’t like heart-shaped braids? These braids are super cute if you are looking for a cute style that you can do to stand out for an event such as concert or birthday party. 

Heart shaped braids


18. Large Long Braids

These braids will take about 1 to 2 hours to install, so if you are looking for a quick braid style, this one is perfect to try. The section of the hair is divided into a large heart with four braids. 

Large jumbo braids


How do you do Jayda Wayda Braids?

Jayda Wayda braids are a great style if you are looking for a protective way to style your hair. These braids are awesome if you want a braid style that doesn’t take much time to install. If you want to install Jayda Wayda braids, follow the tutorial below. 



What do you need for Jayda Wayda Braids?

If you want to re-create this braid look, you will need the following items.

Those supplies can help get you started with creating these types of braids. 

Final Thoughts On Jayda Wayda Braids

If you are looking for braids that you can wear as a protective style that won’t put a lot of pressure on your natural hair, check out the Jayda Wayda braids. 

These braids are great if you don’t like to sit for a long time to get your braids and want to wear hair in this style. Remember to maintain these braids by moisturizing your hair daily and by wearing a silk connect or scarf at night. 

This post shared 15+ ways you can wear these braids to give you inspiration on your next braid style. Do you currently wear these types of braids? If so, let us know what is your favorite way to wear the braids in the comment section below. 


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