25 Large Knotless Braids Styles To Try in 2023

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large knotless braids styles

Large knotless braids are currently one of the most popular braids styles, and it is such a cute style if you are looking for a style on the go or a style for a significant event. 

You are in the right place if you are looking for large knotless braid inspiration! This post will share some of the best large knotless braids styles to help give you some inspiration for your next hairstyle. Let’s dive in!

What are Knotless Braids?

Knotless braids are very similar to box braids, but they are installed using a different technique than box braids. Knotless braids provide lesser scalp tension and create a natural look with the braids. These braids start with your natural hair and will begin at the root of the hair. 

Do large knotless braids last longer?

While large knotless braids are super cute, they do last longer. In fact, large knotless braids last between 2 to 3 weeks with proper care. 

How many braids are in large knotless?

When it comes to large knotless braids, you will have anywhere between 10 to 40 braids. Remember that this will vary depending on how large your knotless braids are. 

How long should large knotless braids take?

On average knotless braids can take around three to twelve hours to complete, so if you are thinking about getting large knotless braids, it will take about 3 to 4 hours. Keep in mind this will vary depending on the stylist.


What are the disadvantages of knotless braids?

While knotless braids are great if you want a protective style for your hair, remember to take care of your braids with proper maintenance. If braids are not adequately taken care of, you might experience dryness or irritation to the scalp.

25 Large Knotless Braids Style To Try in 2023

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original image owner, please email us with proof, and we will give you credit for the image. 🙂

1.  Black Large Knotless Braids

If you are looking for a large  braid hairstyle to try, check this out. The braids are black and long, giving it a very stylish look. 

Large Knotless Braids


2. Waist Length Knotless Braids

I love waist-length braids because it gives off a very glamorous look. So, If you want to add length to your braid, try these. 

Black Knotless Braids


3. Waist Length Braids

These are another cute set of waist-length braids but are slightly bigger. This style is perfect if you are looking to go on vacation. 



4. Red Knotless Braids

Red is such a pretty color, and these braids show what large braids can look like in this color.  If you want a bold braid style, check this one out. 



5. Two-Toned  Braids

This is a set of braids that are two-toned in color. As you can see, the braider mixed in the colors black and shady light brown to create this style. I love it because it looks very neat even though the braids are bigger in size. 

Two-Toned Knotless Braids


6. Jet Black Braids

I love this set of jet-black braids. They look super neat, and the braider put out some of the model’s baby hair at the top, giving that Janet Jackson Poetic Justice look. 

Jet Black Braids


7. Blonde and Black  Braids

This is a set of blonde and black braids that are perfect if you looking for something quick yet cute. 

Blonde and Black Knotless Braids


8.  Pink & Black Braids

Who loves pink? I know I do, and these pink braids are super stylish. So, if you like bold colors, check out this braid style for inspiration. 

Pink and black knotless braids


9. High Bun Braids

This style showcases a high bun with braids. Usually, a style like this would take around 3 hours to braid the hair and an additional 5 to 10 mins to put the braids in a high bun. 

Up Braids


10. Curly Knotless Braids

Here is a cute set of knotless braids that also has curls. This will be one of my go-to styles throughout the year because it’s perfect for a night out on the town and a casual look. 



11. High Bun Knotless Braids

This model has a high bun with her braids. She also has a lot of baby hair out in the front, giving it a betty boo look. Super cute, if I say so myself. 



12. Jumbo Braids

On average, these jumbo braids take around 3 hours to complete. If you are looking for a cute style that can get done fairly quickly, check out this one.

Jumbo knotless braids


13. Long Black Braids

I love long knotless braids, and these are simple yet super pretty. XPression EZ Knotless is great hair if you want to achieve this braid style. 

Long braids


14. Purple  Braids With A Heart

If you love purple and want to try something new, check out this braid hairstyle for inspiration. 

Purple Knotless braids


15. Red Braids Curls

Here are some cute red braids curls that you can try if you are love a bold look than stands out. 



16. Long Brown Knotless Braids With Curls

I love this set of long brown knotless braids with curls. They are super neat and very pretty. This is perfect for a night out on the town or for an everyday look. 

Brown knotless braids


17. Blonde Box Braids

If you love a look that stand out and love color, check out these blonde knotless braids. They give off the jumbo effect and very elegant. 

Blonde Knotless Braids


18. Blonde & Black Braids

Blonde and black braids are super cute if you are looking to add color to your braids. These braids are long and give out off an edgy look. 

Blonde & Black Braids


19. Purple Braids

These purple braids are so pretty and stylish. If you want to add color to your braids and don’t want it to be super bold, try purple! It’s perfect for individuals who want color but don’t want the color very loud. 

Purple Knotless Braids long


20. Blonde Curly Braids

Here is a set of light brown and blonde braids. This style is super beautiful and very nice if you are looking for an elegant braid style. 

Braids with blonde curls


21. Jumbo Brown Braids

Here is a cute jumbo brown braid style that you can try if you are looking for braid inspiration. 

Jumbo Knotless braids


22. Long  Braids

These braids are super gorgeous! They are not super large but bigger than most braids styles that you might see. These are also very neat and smooth. 

Black and long knotless braids


23. Black and Purple Braids

Here are some knotless braids you can try if you want to add black and purple together to create a cool effect. 

knotless braids long


24. Bohemian Braids

Now, this braided style is everything! It’s very cute and stylish if you want a shorter braid style with bigger braids. 

large knotless braids


25. Short Brown Braids

Here is another braid style you can check out if you want to add a shady brown color to your braids. 

Brown and black braids



Final Thoughts Large Knotless Braids Styles

Large knotless braids are a great way to have a pretty braid style if you are looking for something quick and stylish.

These braids offer you the opportunity to have a protective style and be able to take them down fairly quickly if you need to switch them up.

Large braids are a great option for people looking for a low-maintenance style that can help protect your hair. With these braids, you can style them straight and add some curls to them to give them a voluminous look.  Large braids are great if you want to change your style and try something new. 

Are you currently wearing large braids? If so, how do you like it? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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