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30 Quick & Easy Natural Hair Styles

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Are you currently looking for Easy Natural Hairstyles? Well, you are in the right place. One of the things I love about wearing natural hair is how versatile it really is. 

Over the last ten years, more black women have come to terms with the fact that natural is just as beautiful as permed hair, which is very true. I went natural over ten years ago, and I haven’t looked back since.  In this post, we will share 30 quick and easy natural hairstyles to help give you inspiration for your next style. Let’s dive in. 

What hairstyles are good for lazy naturals?

Some of the best hairstyles for lazy naturals are twists, puffs, and braids. These styles allow you to take a break from styling your hair daily. My favorite by far is braids because of how long the style lasts. 

What is the easiest hairstyle to style?

One of the easiest hairstyles to style for natural hair is twists. With this style, you can twist the hair and have a cute hairstyle for weeks. You can also wash the hair and re-twist it, giving it a “new” hair-do look. 

How can I style my natural hair naturally?

If you are looking to learn how to style your natural, use the tutorial listed below by TheChicNatural. She has a tutorial on eight quick and easy hairstyles for naturals.  

What style is best for natural hair?

Some of the best styles for natural hair are:

  • Box Braids
  • Side-Parted Two Chunky Twists
  • Flat Twisted Updo
  • High bun

30 Quick & Easy Natural Hairstyles To Try in 2023

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original image owner, please email us with proof, and we will give you credit for the image. 🙂

1. Natural Puff Hairstyle

One of the most basic and easiest natural hairstyles to do. Carefully gather your hair in the middle of the crown. Once secured, you are good to go, or you can choose to further style the puff in different cute natural styles.

easy natural hair styles


2. Side Cornrow Afro

For those who want a styling and edgy look, this is a great style to check out. It’s a side cornrow afro that is super cute and gorgeous. 

Natural Hairstyles


3. Curly Hair With Two Front Braids

Here is another cute natural hairstyle that you can try. It has twists in the front and the hair down in the back giving it a super cute look. 

Quick Style for Natural Hair


4. Box Braids

This is a cute natural box braid hairstyle that is giving me ’90s vibes. This style is cute and simple. 

Cute Box Braids on Natural Hairstyles


5. High Ponytail With Two Strands Twists

These jumbo twists are everything. If you are looking for a style where you can let your hair rest plus have some edge to it, try this style out. 

Two Strand Twists Styled for Natural Hair


6. Middle Part 2 Braid Cornrow

This is a classic style that can be worn for an everyday look. This hairstyle is braided close to the scalp with just 2 causal braids.

Quick Braiding Styles for Natural Hair


7. Braided Ponytail

It’s a simple style of gathering your hair into a bun and braiding the left-out pieces in a braid. This practical chic style removes hair from the face while adding the braided texture pattern.

Easy Natural Hairstyles


8. Flat Twist Cornrows In Two Low Buns

Done by creating chunky flat twists that lie close to the scalp. The ends of the flat twist are then gathered and knotted to form 2 low buns at the back of the head, creating a unique and elegant look.

Braided Natural Hairstyle with Two Low Buns


9. Braided Rubber Band Cornrows

This natural hairstyle combines the traditional cornrow technique with the modern twist of using rubber bands for a unique head-turning look. Plenty of rubber bands are used to secure the base of each section to form a distinct rubber band cornrow pattern.

Cute Quick Natural Hairstyles


10. Gold Accessories Curly Space Buns

A trendy and cute natural hairstyle. It is divided into 2 sections styled in puffs. Before holding hair in a bun, gold accessories are added to the front to create a capturing style flat on the scalp.

Styles for Natural Hair


11. Chunky Braid Out On Stretched Hair

A beautiful hairstyle that is super for on-the-go. This look can be created with braids or twists that unravel for that loose, textured, wavy look.

Chunky Natural Hair Style


12. Sleeked Puff

A clean and stylish natural look. Hair is smoothly gathered and secured at the crown of the head, creating a voluminous puff. The smoothness is achieved by brushing hair in a high ponytail and letting the natural hair out.

Easy Natural Hairstyles


13. Head Wrap High Puff

Combining comfort, simplicity, and style. Hair is gathered into a high puff on top of the head and adorned with a beautiful head wrap.

Head Wrap Natural Hair Style


14. Headwrap High Puff With Bangs

Similar to the above head wrap, high puff natural style. As hair is secured up in a ponytail, a few of the front pieces are left out. The headwrap is tied around as an accessory and creates a bang.

Cute Natural Hairstyles with Bangs


15. Sleeked Half Up Bun Half Down

A beautiful chic look that involves the top of the section smoothly gathered in a knotted bun while the rest of the hair is left down loose in its natural state.

Hairstyles for Natural Hair


16. Side Part 2 Flat Twists In A Low Bun

A beautiful yet simple natural hairstyle. A side part section is created, and each side of the hair is twisted flat against the scalp. The flat twists ends are tied away in a low bun at the nape of the neck.

Side Flat Twists and Low Bun Natural Hair Style


17. Hair Knotted Gold Accessories And Fluffy High Puff

This style offers a combination of cuteness and sleekness creating a polished set clean look. Half flat scalp adorned with gold accessories seamlessly transitioning into a fluffy high puff.

Easy Natural Hairstyles


18. Braid Out With A Crown

A quick stylish look that involves braiding or twisting 2 front pieces of hair then wrapping the front pieces to meet at the middle of the head.

Braid Twist on Natural Hair


19. Half Flat Twists With Curly Puff Ponytail

 The front section of the hair is in a multiple flat twists while the remaining hair is gathered in a curly puff.

Side Braids with Curly Puff Ponytail


20. Middle Part Two Braid Cornrow In A Bun

A sleek gorgeous style that offers a balance of volume and polished look. Two cornrow braids crafted and secured into a bun at the nape of the head.

Easy Natural Hair Braids


21. High Bun With 2 Loose Strands

This style gives out elegant vibes and is also great for an everyday look. It’s a simple high bun accented by two chic loose strands.

Easy Bun Natural Hairstyles


22. Flexi Rods

This style is a perfect blend of color and boldness.  It is done using flexi rods that help create beautiful curls and waves in the hair.

Cute Natural Hairstyles


23. Half Up Halo Flat Twist And Half Down Ponytail

The top half of the hair is styled with a flat twist, while the bottom half is gathered in a sleek ponytail. This look offers a balance between intricate detailing and a carefree ponytail for a  stylish, elegant look.

Cute Quick Twist Natural Hairstyles


24. Braid Out

A popular technique where hair is braided, then hours later, the hair is undone, amplifying your curly texture. This versatile style can then be styled in any way you choose.

Cute Natural Hairstyles


25. High Puff Ponytail With Color

This simple hairstyle combines height and vibrancy. The hair is gathered at the crown, forming a stylish puff. The use of color adds a touch of warmth and hue, adding more volume and visibility to the look.

Ponytail Styles for Natural Hair


26. Half Up Half Down With Front Side Cornrows

With this hairstyle the hair is partially secured while the front features a stylish cornrow braid embodying modern elegance.

Easy Natural Hairstyles with Color



27. Braid Up With Headwrap 

A headwrap is a beautiful way to glam up your braid-out hairstyle. I absolutely love this style and the curls. 

Cute Natural Hairstyles


28. Half Up Space Buns

This style is edgy and offers a simple look. Hair is divided with each top section twisted into a bun while the rest flows freely, creating a trendy, youthful look.

Quick Natural Hairstyles


29. Half Up Half Down With Bangs

The upper hair portion is elegantly pinned back while the loose curls and bangs frame the face to bring out an elegant look.

Natural Hairstyles with Bangs


30. Side Cornrow Mohawk

A style that will wow everyone, yet it takes seconds to do. Cornrows are braided along one side of the head, creating an afro mohawk-like effect that adds a modern and stylish twist.

Curly Easy Natural Hairstyles



Overview of Natural Hairstyle 

As you embrace your natural hair, you will find many different natural hairstyles that you can try that are super cute. As you try new natural hairstyles, keep your hair protected by letting it rest and properly maintaining it while it’s in the natural styles. 

Do you currently have natural hair? If so, let us know in the comments which styles are your favorite


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