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26 Gorgeous Knotless Braids With Curls Styles

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knotless braids with curls

Are you currently looking for cute and stylish knotless braids with curls hairstyle inspiration? If you are, my friend, you are in the right place. Let’s get real; knotless braids are gorgeous and super popular right now, so it’s no surprise that many women want them this season.  I love how this style is so protective yet so cute and edgy.

While knotless are very similar to regular box braids, there are some slight differences, such as how knotless braids are braided into the hair, making it look more normal at the roots. Also, when you add curls to the knotless style, it gives it an elegant look. So this post will share some different knotless braid hairstyles to give you some ideas on your new look. 

How long do curly knotless braids last?

This will vary depending on your hair type. For example, individuals with kinky hair can, on average, keep their knotless braids for an estimated 2 to 3 months with proper care. In contrast, someone with a finer or looser hair pattern might only get around 1 to 2 months with their knotless braids. 

How can I curl my knotless braids?

The curls with knotless braids come when the stylish add a curly texture hair to the braids giving it a curly look with the box braids. 

If you want to curl your knotless braids, try this method in the video below. 


What kind of hair do you use for knotless braids with curls?

We highly recommend getting human hair if you are getting knotless braids soon. You can check out brands such as Sensationnel X-Pression Synthetic Braid- pre-stretched hair.  If you want to add curls to your knotless braids, you can check out the Freetress Braids Freetress Water Wave Super Extra Long Braid hair.

How much are knotless braids with curls?

The price of knotless braids with curls will vary depending on the stylist, but on average, the price range is between $250 to $600.


knotless braids with curls
26 Gorgeous Knotless Braids With Curls Styles

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original image owner, please email us with proof, and we will give you credit for the image. 🙂


1. Blue Knotless Braids

If you want a cute and stylish knotless braids style, check this out. The hair is black from the root and then turns blue at the end, giving it an edgy yet sophisticated look. 

Blue box braids


2. Bun Knotless Braids

This braid style is super cute! I love how it has curls and is also styled into a gorgeous bun.

Bun Braids


3. Red and black Braids

If you love the color red, then check out this cute red and black set of braids. The braids are put in a high ponytail giving it a gorgeous look. 

Red braids


4. Heart  Knotless Braids

This braids style is so pretty. I love how the braider put a heart in the hair giving it a unique look with the braids.

Updo Knotless braids


5. Hot Red Knotless Braids

This is a super bold look with the red braids. If you love to try new hairstyles, check out this one. It’s super edgy and cute.

Red Braids


6. Long Braids With Curls

Here is another long knotless braids look that you can try if you love having long braids. 

Long Braids


7. Short Braids

If you are looking for a shorter look when it comes to braids, check out this braid style. It also has curls added to it, giving it a stunning look. 

Short Braids 


8. Honey Blonde & Brown Braids

I absolutely love these knotless braids. They are honey blonde with brown and are super cute. I also like that they are very long with curls as well. 

Red braids


9. Long Brown Braids with Blonde Highlights

Here is another braid-style idea with blonde highlights. Similar to the style above, the hair color on the model is a honey-brown color. 

Small knotless braids


10. Long Twist Braids with Curls

These are long twist braids with curls added to them. If you love the long braid look, this might be perfect for you.

Long Twist Braids


11. Culy Brown Braids

Aren’t these curly braids super cute? I also love the color and how they are because I love long hair. If you love long braids like me, check this out. 

Medium curly brown braids


12. Large Knotless Braid With Curls

These knotless braids are very nice and add curls and jewelry. Check out this style if you want to add jewelry to your braids. 

black medium braids


13. Long Blonde Braids

Here is another look at long braids, which are all blonde. If you are looking for a look that is elegant and that has the “Everyday” effect, go with this one 

Honey Blonde Braids


14. Long Black Braids With Purple

These braids are super cute! They are long and have a hint of purple in them! If you love a lot of hair, check out this style. 

Long braids with purple hair


15. Red and Blonde Ponytail Braids

Talk about out of the box! This style is gorgeous with the blonde and red mix. You can’t go wrong when you step out and try something new, right. If you love out the box hairstyle and love trying new colors together, check this knotless braid with curls style out. 

red and blonde braids


16. Short Red Braids

Here are some short red braids if you love the short look. While I love the look yet, I also love short braids as well. As a mom of four, sometimes having shorter hair is a huge plus. 

Red Box Braids


17. Long Light Brown Knotless Braids

Now, yall! These braids are so pretty! The stylist did their thing on these braids. They are elegant and are perfect for an everyday look or a night on the town. 

Long brown braids


18. Boho Bob Braids

These braids are very neat and super cute. They are also great for an everyday look and perfect if you love a little color and shorter hair. 

boho braids


19. Brown Knotless Braids UpDo

Brown knotless braids

This stunning braid look is everything you would want in a braid style. It’s neat and super convenient if you are looking for a look you can wear daily. 


20. Large Knotless Cornrow Braids

I love cornrows and use to get them all the time while in high school and college. This style is perfect as a protective style and will usually last about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the upkeep of the braids. 

cornrow braids


21. Medium Curly Braids

Pearl The Stylist is one of the best braiders I have ever seen. This model is showcasing her work, and it looks so stunning. 

Curly braids


22. Blonde Bob Knotless Braids

I love these blonde bob braids! They are very neat and have curls at the end of them, giving them an elegant look. 5/5 stars for me!

Blonde braids


23. Up half and half down Knotless Braids

If I were to get knotless braids today, I would request these braids right here. I love them! These braids are full and long and have curls added to them equaling perfection. 

Long curly braids

24. Long Blonde Curly Braids

This is an updo knotless braid with curls style, and it’s super stylish and cute. 

Blonde curly braids


25. Bun Braids with Colorful Rubber Bands

Have you ever seen this technique? The braids also feature rubberbands in them, giving them a vibrant and colorful look. You an achieve this look by tieing the rubberband twice around your braids.

Knotless braids


26. Blue Knotless Braid With Curls Bob

This is a blue knotless bob, and it is flawless. At the ends it is curled giving a cute bob look with class. 

Knotless braids bob



How do you keep knotless braids for a long time?

To help keep your knotless braids in longer, make sure to wash your at least once a week and keep your hair protected at night with a bonnet. Additionally, use a silk pillow to sleep at night as this will help with protecting your braids and helping them last longer. 

How long do knotless braids take?

On average Knotless braids can take anywhere between 3-12 hours. This will depend on the length and size of the braids.


Final Thoughts Knotless Braids With Curls

Knotless braids with curls are one of the most popular braid styles among women right now. Knotless braids are very similar to traditional box braids, but no knots are used in the process. This method can make the braids less damaging to the scalp and also the hair. 

Additionally, knotless braids with curls are slightly lighter, so they aren’t as heavy as traditional braids. You can get these braids in various textures and colors, giving you a look for every day or a night on the town. Do you currently have knotless braids? What do you like about the braids?



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