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Mini Twists On Natural Hair: The Ultimate 2023 Guide

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Mini Twists On Natural Hair: The Ultimate 2023 Guide

I absolutely love Mini Twists On Natural Hair. It’s one of my favorite hairstyles that look stylish and can also serve as a protective style. I also do mini twists on my children’s hair, which is awesome because it lasts at least two weeks. 


So, if you are looking for Mini Twists On Natural Hair styles or if you want to learn more about this amazing protective style, this post will share a complete guide on Mini Twists On Natural Hair and will also share some hair inspiration for the mini twist on natural hair. 

Are mini twists good for natural hair? 

Mini twists on natural hair are a fantastic, low-maintenance protective style that protects your hair and lets you rock your natural hair. Mini twists are gentle on the scalp and give you an opportunity to take a break from constantly manipulating your curls. This beautiful natural hairstyle allows your natural hair to stay healthy and recuperate from any current damage. 

How long do mini twists last? 

Mini twists on natural hair  can last for 3 to 6 weeks. This depends on a few factors; the size of your mini twist, the smaller the twists the longer it will last, and the texture of your natural hair. The coarser the texture, the longer the hair lasts and finer hair lasts around 3 to 4 weeks as there is a risk of separating.

How long do you keep mini twists on natural hair?

If you maintain your mini twists well, you can keep them for a longer period. We recommend you keep them for 4 weeks. Mini twists that are kept for too long can begin to matt and eventually begin to loc.


How long does it take for mini twists to loc?

Mini twists on natural hair  can take between 4 months to 1 year before the hair begins to loc. All this is highly dependent on 3  factors; coarser hair locs much faster than finer hair, how well you maintain the mini twists, and how fast your hair grows.

Should you twist natural hair wet or dry?

This is all a personal preference and both work out.

  • Wet hair- the mini twist will hold better; however, there will shrink more once the hair is dry.
  • Dry hair- they give you more length; however, looser curls might unravel at the ends.

How to do mini twists?

Mini twists

Always do mini twists on freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, and moisturized hair to guarantee the mini twists look nice, neat,  and last for a long time.

  • Section the hair into small parts that are ½ an inch or less in size.
  • Divide the small section into 2 sections and begin twisting. Twists are created by overlapping the right section over the left section, continuously repeating this process all the way to the end. Once at the end of the hair, twist and coil all the hair to secure your natural hair from unraveling. Using the right product to achieve a great mini twist that can last for a while is crucial.
  • Go for a moisturizing leave-in conditioner that will keep your hair hydrated throughout its duration. As mini twists done on natural hair can unravel so use a curling cream or a styling gel to ascertain a great hold on the mini twist.

Need a video visual? Check out the video below to see how to install mini twists on natural hair:


How to Care of Mini Twists

Mini Twists Hairstyles

Protecting your mini twists is essential for the longevity of your style and this can be easily done by sleeping with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to prevent dryness, keep hair moisturized, prevent tangling, and keep the mini twists looking neat.  Keep your mini twists hydrated by using a spray-based moisturizer on a weekly basis. You can easily undo and redo mini twists to refresh, prevent locking, and maintain the style’s neatness.  

How To Remove Mini Twists

Removing your mini twists on natural hair is a simple step that needs care and precision to avoid breakage when taking them down.

  • Your natural hair is delicate as it is now dry, full of build-up, and shed hair.
  • Spritz the mini twists with warm water followed by a moisturizing leave in which will create a slip for an easy removal process.
  • Slowly begin undoing the mini twists working from the end up to the root remembering not to pull and tug the hair to avoid causing any unnecessary tension.
  • You should expect a lot of shed hair and that is okay as your hair has been in a protective style.


Mini Twists On Natural Hair

Pros of Mini Twists 

  • East to install – Mini twists are one of the easiest protective styles to install as they simply require continuously roping small sections of hair around each other.  So easy you can do it yourself at home! The great thing about mini twists being so easy to install is that they can take a shorter amount of time than most protective styles.
  • Protective styling/ low manipulation- Mini twists on natural hair are the ultimate protective style that preserves the health of your natural hair. As a low-manipulating style, mini twists keep the ends moisturized and prevent split ends and single-strand knots. Mini twists are amazing protective styles that give your hair a break from the inevitable wear and tear of constantly styling your natural hair.
  • Helpful with length check- We love shrinkage natural hair as it indicates natural hair, however, it makes it impossible for one to tell if your hair has gained any length. With mini twists, you are able to visually compare and do proper length checks as you can see the progress of your mini twists as the hair gets longer.
  • Retain moisture- Clumping natural hair strands through mini twists allows one to keep the hair hydrated for longer periods of time. Retaining moisture is vital to promote growth and prevent hair breakage.


  • Time-consuming to do- Just as the name suggests mini twists are incredibly small partings (less than half an inch) and can take anywhere from 1 hr to over 2 days to complete installing. The longer the hair, the higher the density, and smaller size mini twists lead to a more time-consuming process.  
  • Frizz and retwisting- Over time, your natural hair will frizz up due to unavoidable friction, particularly around the perimeters of your head. This can sometimes make the hair look frizzy and create non-uniform mini twists. To remedy this requires you undoing and retwisting the hair, which can be both time-consuming and inconvenient. 
  • Limited styling option- As much as mini twists are a great styling option, it is limited to how you can flexibly style your hair, especially if the natural hair is not long. The shorter your natural hair, the more limited you are in the versatility of styling your mini twists.

Mini Twist Hair Styles To Try In 2023

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original image owner, please email us with proof, and we will give you credit for the image. 🙂

1. Mini Twists On Natural Hair

mini twists on natural hair


2. Real Hair Natural Hair Twist

Real Hair Natural Hair Twist


3. Twist Hair Styles For Natural Hair

Twist Hair Styles For Natural Hair


4. Mini Twists Hairstyle

Mini Twists Hairstyles


5. Medium Length Natural Hair Twist Style

Medium Length Natural Hair Twist Styles


6. Twist Hair Style

Twist Hair Styles


7. Mini Twist Buns

Mini Twist Buns


8. Mini Twist Style

Mini Twist Styles


9. Mini Twists On Natural Hair

Mini Twists On Natural Hair


10. Updo Mini Twists 

Mini Twists Hairstyles


Final Thoughts On Mini Twists On Natural Hair

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish look that guarantees to maintain the length and health of your natural, mini twists on natural hair are what you need to try.

This low manipulation is essential to implement in your healthy hair care routine for your natural hair to flourish. Embrace your natural hair in this low-manipulating style and experience the greatness of a mini twist.