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45 Cute Low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts To Try in 2023

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45 Cute Low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts To Try in 2023


Are you currently looking for low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts? If so, you are in the right place.

Low-maintenance short natural haircuts are a great option for those who want a stylish and easy-to-manage hairstyle. These haircuts typically require minimal styling and upkeep, making them a practical choice for busy individuals or those who prefer a more natural look.

With a range of styles to choose from, including fades, buzz cuts, and textured crops, there is a low-maintenance short natural haircut that can suit any personal style.

Whether you are a busy professional, a free-spirited adventurer, or a trendsetter looking for a change, these low-maintenance short natural haircuts are the perfect choice to display your individuality and embrace the beauty of simplicity. These hairstyles are great for all types of hair, from 4a to 4c

1. Short Tapered Fade with Side Part

This style is perfect if you want a minimal maintenance short haircut. To maintain the low fade, you will have to get it shaved every month or two weeks.


Short Haircuts For Women


2.Low Taper Fade with Curly Top

This look gives the perfect chic style as the fade is tomboyish, which is paired with the curly fro on the top. You can choose to have the same color as the model or switch it up.

Low Taper Fade For Women


3.Burgundy Curly Low Cut

This curly low cut is perfect if you want an extremely minimal maintenance short hairstyle. This requires little upkeep daily as you only need styling gel to provide hold to your curls and an edge brush to smooth down your edges.

Tapered Cuts For Natural Hair


4. Curly TWA Hairstyles

 This is perfect for the new naturals who do not want to do much with their hair. Once you add gel to your hair, finger coil your hair, and lay your edges; you are good to go. 



5.Faux Curly Frohawk – Low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts 

 The cornrows at the sides will create a ‘faux’ mohawk shape. Then the mohawk will be shaped, curled, and fluffed to create the fullness of the mohawk. 

Short black hairstyles for women


6. Twa Hairstyles

 TWA can be styled in multiple ways to suit your style. You can wear the full afro, which can be transformed into a puff, bun, or space buns (or puffs). Each style is exceptionally minimal maintenance and does not require much upkeep throughout the day.

Twa Hairstyles


7. Wash n Go

 Wash and go is a modest maintenance style, but the prep time will vary from person to person depending on the length and the definition they want. If you have longer curled and your coils extremely defined, styling will take a couple of hours on wash day to prep and even more time to dry.

Wash n Go


8. Curly Fade Updo 

 Another creative way to style a fade is by having a curly updo. This requires shaping the curls so they all fall to the front to frame your face. Once the coils are sculpted, little maintenance is required. 

black hair styles for women


9. Half Down, Half Bantu Knot- Low Maintenance Short Natural Haircuts 

If you love the length of your natural hair, you can experiment with this style. The bantu knots at the front create a crown-like effect with your kinky coily defined curls in the bank.

Half Down, Half Bantu Knot


10. Short Two Tone Curls

If you are looking to switch up your low short haircut, add a pop of color to the curls at the top, then this style is perfect for you. 

Short Two Tone Curls


11. Stacked bob haircuts

Another short haircut that will give you a fresh and recent look to add ‘edge’ to your hairstyle. Maintenance is required as you must detangle your hair every morning. As your hair grows out, you will need to return to the hairstylist to get it cut again.

Stacked bob haircuts


12. Short Layered Curled Pixie for Black Women

 If you want to look and feel like a baddie, you should do this cut. It is beautiful as the hair is cut and curled to lay unto each other to add volume and flair.

Short Layered Haircuts


13. Tapered Feathered Pixie For Black Women

 Instead of wearing curls, your hair can be styled into short waves in a pixie cut. The waves are easier to maintain daily with a brush, comb, and flat iron.

Tapered Feathered Pixie For Black Women


14. Short Honey Blonde Haircut

With this deep rich color, all eyes will be on your edgy hairstyle. For maintenance, you will have to smooth your hair down using a flat iron and your favorite mouse.

Short Honey Blonde Haircut


15. Deep Side Cut with Low Fro

We love the low fros as they are the epitome of daily minimal maintenance. Maintenance will be required once your hair starts to grow out, which can be quickly remedied at your nearest salon. 

Low cut hairstyles for black females


16. Short Black Hairstyles for Women

With this hairstyle, you can fully embrace your kinks/curls/coils. Using a gel with maximum hold, you would finger coil each strand, then lay and smooth your edges to perfection.

Short Black Hairstyles for Women


17. Natural Hairstyle For Short Hair

 This bantu knot out for is beautiful, bountiful, and easily replicated. The bantu knot out will last a couple of days as the curls drop and get more voluminous daily. 

Natural Hairstyle For Short Hair


18. Short Blunt Bob With Bangs

Bobs are popular, especially as a minimal-maintenance hairstyle. The blunt cut will keep the hair looking fresh all month long.

Short Blunt Bob With Bangs


19. Straight Tapered Black Pixie

 This is another trendy hairstyle for short hairstyles as the trimmed sides along with the long bags will frame the face well. 

Straight Tapered Black Pixie


20. Extra-Short Bleached Hairstyle

This hairstyle requires much confidence and daily maintenance. With the bleached ends, you will need to add a protective cream to maintain the health of the hair and styling mousse to shape, sculpt and style the hair. 

Extra-Short Bleached Hairstyle


21. TWA Hairstyle For Short Natural Hair

You can experiment with this tapered cut with trimmed sides, with curly tendrils at the top of the hair. To get the best results, the curls should have a little bit of frizz.

TWA Hairstyle For Natural Hair



22.Undercut with Asymmetrical design and Curly Top

 The sharp lining of the razor sides creates a beautiful design that is popular for androgynous looks. The style also embraces the natural curls or coils of your hair to add volume to the entire style. 



23.TWA Sleek & Smooth Natural Hairstyle

This short hair cut is beautiful as it is glossy and smooth. To get the best results, ensure to use a shining oil to keep the frizz at bay. 

Twa Natural Hairstyles


24. Taper Fade Hairstyle

This tapered hairstyle is flattering for many women. The curls all around add length, volume, and give every woman confidence.

Taper Fade Hairstyle


25. Tapered Curly Cut

This tapered curly cut does not need daily maintenance if the curls/kinks/coils are extremely defined which can last for up to 6 days. 

Short Haircuts For Black Women with Round Faces


26. Tapered Haircuts on Natural Hair for Women

 This style is suited for girls who want a ‘bold & chic’ hairstyle. The asymmetrical cuts at the sides and curls at the top will make you gorgeous!

Tapered Haircuts on Natural Hair for Women


27. Tapered Cut with Short Haircut for Black Women

For our older women who want to try something new, this is for you. It is a chic hairstyle that is bold and embraces the natural greys.

Short Haircuts For Black Women


28. Pixie Cut Hairstyle For Black Women

This pixie will elevate your style to the next level. Each curl is sculpted to perfection with a strong hold gel and the right amount of volume. It does require much maintenance to keep the shape and volume of the curls.

Pixie Cut Hairstyle For Black Women


29. High Taper Fade with Z Cuts

The asymmetrical ‘Z’ cuts at the back will have all eyes on you with the cut. As well as the high taper fade where you keep your curls defined, add color at the end, and create faux bangs.

Low Taper Fade For Women


30. Short Curly Haircut with Color 

This is perfect if you want to show off your curls with a pop of color. The color adds versatility and sass to your overall style.


Short Curly Haircut


31. Short Curly Bob Haircut

This is a beautiful curly hairstyle that will require more upkeep than the other hairstyles. You will need to maintain your curl definition and avoid frizz at all costs.

Short Curly Bob Haircut


32. Tapered Cut with Low Bangs

Depending on the length of your tapered cut you can create low bangs to frame your face. If you do not like the hair on your face, this is perfect as it is not overwhelming. 

Tapered Cuts For Natural Hair


33. Side Part Low Fade

Fades are perfect for those who do not have much time for their hair and prefer to have no hair. Maintenance required would include brushing your hair to keep the fade low and chic.

Fades for Black Women


34. Teenie Weenie Afro 

A TWA is perfect for the ladies who want to start their natural hair journey for the first time or do it over. It requires minimal maintenance as you just must moisturize, fluff, and head out the door

Big Chop Hairstyle


35. Defined Curly Tapered Updo (with Baby hairs)

This short haircut is for the baddies who want to experiment with shorter hair. The curls at the front will help to frame your face and can be swooped to your best side. 

Short Natural Hairstyle For Black Women


36. Pixie Cut Wavy Hairstyle

This pixie will make you look effortless as the curls are not extremely defined or too frizzy, so it is perfect for a date night. 

Pixie Cut Wavy Hairstyle


37. Undercut Women Hairstyle

This style is the perfect transition from thick hair at the back to curly hair towards the top. It is an ideal style for women with thick hair who want to a short hairstyle that maintains the thickness and volume of their hair. 

Undercut Women Hairstyle


38. Low Cut Curls

For the women who just want a fresh start by cutting all their hair off. You will be able to swoop and define your edges and keep the rest of the hair in a slick back position.

Tapered Cuts For Natural Hair


39. Mohawk Tapered Short Cut

With a tapered cut, you can show your kinky/coily hair and the mohawk shape will add versatility to your overall style.

Short Black Hairstyles for Women


40. Faux Locs Bob

 The faux locs bob is perfect for those who love protective styles but do not want to commit to the maintenance required for longer lengths. 

Faux Locs Bob


41. Twa Hairstyle

This curly style is beautiful as it can be worn as a glamorous or a casual style. It is perfect for natural girls who want a minimal maintenance hairstyle with their short hair.

Twa Hairstyle


42. Short Curls with Elastic

You can experiment with different colored elastic to create the crown effect at the front of the hair. Then, use a styling or sculpting gel to create the glossy and defined ringlets.

Short Haircuts For black Women


43. Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knots are perfect if you want length and to show off your curls. However, the prep time can be daunting if you have a busy lifestyle. 

Bantu Knot Out


44. High Afro Puff

This style is perfect for the TWA girlies that want a chic sleek back look with a party in the back. Depending on the length of your hair you can add a faux puff or blow dry your hair to achieve the big puff.

High Afro Puff


45. Sleek Low Bun Natural Hair

Another sleek hairstyle that can be done using a faux bun or on stretched hair. You can experiment with the sleekness by doing a middle or side part or no part at all.

Sleek Low Bun Natural Hair



What is the most low-maintenance short haircut?

The most low-maintenance hairstyle is the low curly cut which is in the listing below.

What short styles are easy to maintain?

Short hairstyles such as tapered hairstyles, low cuts, and shaved designs are easy to maintain. These types of hairstyles are great if you are looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that can last more than a few weeks.  Make sure to keep the cuts fresh by going to a barber or to the hair stylist for a fresh cut every 3 to 4 weeks.

What short hair makes look younger?

Most women who wear the big chop or low curly cut do tend to look younger. This is a great hairstyle to maintain if you are looking for a protective hairstyle.

Is short natural hair easier to maintain?

There is a common misconception that short hair is easier to main however, this is not true. It requires maintenance every day. You may spend 5 to 30 minutes prepping your hair by combing, brushing, shaping, or even flat ironing your hair.


Final Thoughts On 45 Cute Low maintenance short natural haircuts 

I absolutely love rocking a low-maintenance short natural haircut! Short natural haircuts are a great way to achieve a low-maintenance hairstyle that is both stylish and easy to maintain. With so many cute options to choose from, it’s easy to find a look that fits your personal style and hair type.

Whether you prefer a tapered cut, a pixie, or a curly bob, there’s a short natural haircut out there for everyone. These low maintenance short natural haircuts can help you embrace your natural texture and enjoy your hair freedom.