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15 Cute Back To School Hairstyles For Black Girls In 2023

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Back To School Hairstyles


If you are currently looking for the best back to school hairstyles for black girls, you are in the right place. Back to school is here, so it’s time for the cute hairstyles and trendy fashions to trend. I can remember when I was younger, we didn’t have Youtube or many blogs that shared tips and resources on how to care for natural hair but I am super happy there is a lot of outlets for natural hair care in the world today!

I also know the importance of finding the best hairstyles for children to save time and money, so this post will share 15 of the best back to school hairstyles for black girls to help give you inspiration. Let’s dive in!

15 back-to-school hairstyles for black girls

1. Box Braids

Box braids are one of the best protective styles you can use with natural hair, which is why I put this style number one. If you are looking for a style that is perfect for back to school hairstyle for black girls, this is a great one.

black girl natural hairstyle


2. Twist W/ Afro

If you are looking for a super cute hairstyle where you can really your hair curly, check out this twist with an afro hairstyle.  I absolutely love a great fro with twists as it shows off style. While it’s not a full protective style, it’s still a super cute hairstyle for back to school.  

Black girl natural hair



3. Four Feed-In Braids

Wow! This four-feed-in braids hairstyle is beautiful and perfect for natural girls. This hairstyle is long-lasting and a great protective style to do on natural hair. This is great if you are looking for a natural hairstyle for black girls.  I would love to wear this style myself! So, if you are looking for a cute natural hair style that is also a protective one this is it. 

Black girl braids


4. Braids & Puff

This braided bun is adorable and super cute for little girls for back to school. So, if you are looking for a uber-cute natural hair style that shows off style, this is s great one.  

Black girl natural bun


5. Faux Loc Updo

Here is a super cute faux loc braids updo that you can try for back to school natural hairstyles for black girls. This style is not only cute, but it’s also a protective style that can help protect the hair as well. 

Faux braids


6. Twist Braids

Here is another pretty natural hairstyle for black girls. This style is really pretty, and like most of the hairstyles in this post, it is only a protective hairstyle as well. The other great thing about a style like this is because they are bigger twists It won’t take as much time to finish. This will come in handy if your child doesn’t’ like to sit for long hours getting their hair done.

twist braids for black girls


7. Crochet Box Braids

If you don’t want to get put actual braids in your hair, you can do crochet braids on your hair. With crochet braids, you braid your natural hair back in cornrows and then crochet the braided hair into your hair. Click here to see a tutorial on how to do crochet braids. 

Natural hair style for black girls


8. Cornrow Braids

Here is a beautiful set of cornrow braids that you can do for back to school styles. This style is super neat and long-lasting. Cornrows are great if you are looking to protect your hair and give your hair a break from time to time. 

Cornrow braids for black girls


9. Twist Braids

These twists braids are super beautiful and perfect styles for back to school. If you are looking for a glamorous style and great for protecting the hair, check out this style. 

Natural braids for black girls


10. Bun Updo

This bun updo will save you time when you are on the go! This is a great back to school hairstyle for black girls and a really easy one to create. So, if you are looking for a cute natural hairstyle, check out this one. 

Bun updo for black girls


11. Stitch braids

Wow! These stitch braids by @iammercedesstyles are flawless! These are perfect for back to school if you are looking for a beautiful style to start the week off in style. To find out more about Mercedes (the hairstylist of these braids) and her work, click here. 

Stitch braids 


12. Jumbo Twists

Looking for back to school hair styles for black girls? Here is a super easy to create that you can do on your daughter’s hair for back to school.  You can never go wrong with jumbo twists as they don’t put a lot of pressure on the hair and are a protective style. 

Jumbo Twists


13. Twist Updo

Looking for a cute updo for back to school? Check out this twisted updo! You can wear it up or down and still be super stylish. 

Twist braids updo


14. Jumbo Ponytails

Jumbo ponytails are great for little girls not only for back to school but throughout the school year. This is a protective style as well as a super cute style. 

Jumbo Ponytails for black girls


15. Ponytail Buns

This ponytail bun set is super cute and a go-to style if you are looking for a fun and easy style to create for your daughter. This hairstyle will save a ton of time and it’s super cute to top it off. 

Black girl hairstyle


How should I do my hair for back to school?

You can do many hairstyles for back to school, such as twists, braids, cornrows, and sleek ponytails. If you are looking for a protective style, I highly recommend twist braids and box braids. 

Check out the video below for a full tutorial on box braids.



What hairstyle can I do with my natural hair?

You can do many hairstyles with natural hair, such as twists, braids, afro puffs, and so much more. Click here for natural hair inspiration and styles. 

How do Afro girls style their hair?

4a to 4c can be styled in multiple different ways, such as braids and twist braids, afro, ponytails, and much more. 

What hairstyles are good for the first day of school?

Great hairstyles for back to school are braids and twist braids. These styles are protective styles and great for girls in school. Not only will these styles help you save time, but they can also help you save money.


Final Thoughts On back to school hairstyles for black girls

This post shares 15 of the best back to school hairstyles for black girls. It is my hope that this post gave you some inspiration for your daughters as they starts school year or gave you inspiration for natural hairstyles in general. 

This is one of my favorite topics because I didn’t know much about natural hair care when I was younger. So it is my hope that the information in this post and site will help you on your journey. 

Remember, some of the best hairstyles are the protective ones, such as box braids and twist braids. To help with more inspiration, check out the video tutorials below.