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60 Easy and Fun Hairstyles For Black Girls

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Hairstyles For Black Girls


Are you currently looking for the best hairstyles for black girls? If so, you are in the right place. One of my favorite memories growing up was creating new and innovative hairstyles as a teen girl. By the time I got to high school, I had tried crochet braids, box braids, twists, long ponytails, and much more. Those were some of the funniest times during my high school years. 

Because of my love and passion for African American hairstyles, this post will share 60 fun and easy hairstyles for black girls to try this year. This post will also include where to find some of the tutorials for some of the best hairstyles for black girls. 


Which hairstyle is best for teenage girls?

Some of the best hairstyles for black teenage girls are braids and ponytails. If you are looking for tutorials on the best braid hairstyles, click here. 

And click here for an easy ponytail hairstyle for black teenage girls. 

What is the best hairstyle for natural hair?

Some of the best hairstyles for natural hair are box braids, French braids, and twist braids. All three of these hairstyles are great protective hairstyles for natural hair. Remember, wearing protective hairstyles is important to let the hair rest.

What is the best hairstyle for black teenage girl?

The best hairstyle for black teenage girls if you are looking for simple hairstyles that you can wear for at least a month or so; check out these braid tutorials by clicking here.

What is the easiest hairstyle?

Some of the easiest hairstyles are box braids and sleek ponytails. If you are looking for a protective style I would go with the box braids.


How Can My Teenage Daughter Maintain her Natural Hair?

One of the best ways to maintain natural hair is by wearing protective hairstyles such as box braids and twist braids.  Additionally, it’s super important to make sure to keep the hair moisturized and protect it at night with a  satin hair bonnet. 

60 easy and fun hairstyles for black girls

All the photos included in this post are from Pinterest and Instagram with the source. If one of the photos is your personal photo, please contact me with the original image, and we will credit you on the image. 

1. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots is an amazing hairstyle for black girls. If you looking for a protective style, check out this style. Click here for a Bantu Knots tutorial.

Bantu Knots


2. Kinky puffs with braids

Another great hairstyle for black girls to try is the kinky puff with braids style. This style can be an everyday look or a formal look. 

Kinky puffs with braids


3. French Braids

French braids are always a go-to for me, and it’s a great hairstyle for black girls to try as well. If you are looking for braid accessories, click here. 

French Braids


4. Silky Kinky Side Ponytail

I just love a nice silky kinky side ponytail. If you are looking for a cute black girl hairstyle try this one out.

Silky Kinky Side Ponytail


5. Twist with Curls

I absolutely this twist black girl hairstyle with curls. This is a great hairstyle for formal events and if you are looking for a new hairstyle to try out.

Braided Hairstyle


6. Curly Bun Hairstyle

Curly buns are always super cute. To achieve this black girl hairstyle, you can try doing a wash and go and pin the hair up in bobby pins in the back.

Curly bun hairstyle


7. Half French braid and silk press

If you are looking for a hairstyle that you can wear your hair down, try this black girl hairstyle out. It’s super cute and can be achieved fairly easily.

Natural hairstyle with braids


8. High Puff W/ Two Braids 

This high puff ponytail with top braids is super cute if you are looking for a easy hair to protect your hair. 

High puff hairstyle


9. Natural Twist 

These twist braids are everything and super great if you are looking for another protective style that you can wear every day. 

Natural twist hairstyle


10. French Braids W/ Bun

This is another protective hairstyle for black girls that you can try. It has about six French braids to the back with a bun.

Braided Updo Hairstyle


11. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots is a go-to black girl hairstyle for many women and girls. The cool thing about hairstyles like this is when you take the hairstyle down, you can wear a twist out or your hair wavy, which equals a second hairstyle. 

Bantu knots


12. Natural puff with braids in front

This is is a cute hairstyle that you can achieve after a wash and go and after a twist out. 

Natural Hairstyle


13. Rubber band W/ Top Bun

This black hairstyle is super cute and can be achieved with rubber bands and putting the hair in a high bun at the top. If you are looking for more cute black girl hairstyles similar to this, click here. 

Rubberband Hairstyle


14. Short Twists

This black girl hairstyle is super cute and can be achieved with rods. Make sure to protect the hair at night with a bonnet at night when you sleep. 

Short curls hairstyle


15. Box Braids

I love box braids because once you get them, they can last a pretty long time. They are also a protective style that you can wear to help protect your hair.

Braided Hairstyle


16. Fishtail Pony

Fishtail Ponytails are super cute for formal events as well as an everyday look. 

Fishtail Pony


17. Box Braid in Ponytail

These box braids in a ponytail are super cute and great for protective styling. 

Box Braid in Pony


18. Flat Twist Hairstyle

Flat twists are a great hairstyle to help protect black girls’ hair. For my flat twists, I use the TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair – Dry Hair – Curly Hair

Flat twist hairstyle


19. Loc Braids

Loc Braids are cute if you want loss but don’t want them to permanent. 

Dread Hairstyle


20. Wash N Go with PonyTail

You can achieve this cute look by washing and conditioning your hair. After that, simply just let the hair dry on its own and wear your natural curls. 

Coily Hair


21. Natural Puff Buns

This natural puff buns are super cute for little girls and for women.

Natural Puff Buns


22. Two Buns with curls

This hairstyle is super cute if you are looking to wear your natural curls after a wash and go.

Coils and Glory


23. Short Updo Hairstyle

This is is super cute short updo black girl hairstyle. You can use styling gel such as this one to achieve this look. 

Short Bob Hairstyle


24. Sided Pony black girl hairstyle

You can pull your hair to the back and leave it curly for this look.

Sided Pony Hairstyle


25. Jumbo Long Braids

Jumbo box braids are another go-to style if I want to create a style pretty fast. 

Long Braids


26. Full Curly Bun

Curly buns are easy to do. Simply pull your hair in a bun at the top and go. 

Full Curly Bun


27. Curly Curls

For this look, wash and condition the hair and then let your hair dry on its own. 

Headwrap Hairstyle


28. Natural Pigtails Puff

These black girl puffs are super cute, and I love how the model has two different colors for the puffs. 

Natural Pigtails Bun


29.  Long Twist Braids 

Twist braids are great for protective styling.

Twist Hairstyle  


30. Ombre Braids 

This is another braided hairstyle that you can try to protect the hair.  These are super cute and be worn for an everyday look as well. 

Ombre Hairstyle


31. Ponytail Tree Braid

Tree braids are super cute, and this one has different colors to show creativity. I love it!

Ponytail Tree Braid


32. Bubble Braids

These Bubble braids are super cute and also a great protective if you are looking to protect the hair. 

Bubble Braids


33. Short Jumbo Braids

As stated before, jumbo braids are great if you are short on time and don’t want to spend hours getting your hair braided. With these braids, you can achieve the braid look in a shorter amount of time. 

Braided Bun Hairstyle 


34. Braided Bobs

Another braided black girl hairstyle to test out is the braided bob! This is super cute and includes french braids as well box braids. 

Braided Bobs


35. Two Pigtails

These two pigtails are super cute for an everyday look and a formal look. I love how the model pushed her hair back to the back and put the two ponytails on the side.  



36. Braids and Beads

Another great black girl hairstyle to try is this braid and beads hairstyle. It’s braided at the top with french braids and then a curly fro with beads in the back. 

Braids and Beads


37. High Braided Ponytail

This high-braided ponytail is great when you are looking for a braid look that can be worn for formal events. 

High Braided Ponytail


38. Low Bun Black Girl Hairstyle

This is an everyday look for me. It has two braids at the tops, and then the curly hair is pushed to the back 

Low bun hairstyle


39. Braided Low Ponytail

To achieve this black girl hairstyle, push all your hair to the back and then braid two braids around the hair with accessories. 

Braided low ponytail


40. Loc Twists

These locs are super cute and great for a protective style. 

Twists and Curls


41. French braids with afro

This is a really cute hairstyle that you can try by french braiding the top of the hair and leaving the rest as an afro. 

Black girl hairstyle


42. 90s Pigtails 

If you are missing the 90s, you can create this 90 pigtail look like this model. You can also add accessories to the pigtails for more creativity. 

90s Pigtails Hairstyle


43. French Braids W/ Curly Afro

This is a cute braid hairstyle for little black girls that can be achieved with french braids and a curly afro in the back. 

black girl braids


44. Braids W/ Designs

This cute braided hairstyle is super cute! You can even add design to the braids and accessories. 

french braids for black girls


45. Braids with Side Afro

I love this braid black girl hairstyle with the side afro. This hairstyle is perfect for photo shoots and events. 

Afro puffs for black girls


46. Rubber band High-Puff

You can achieve this cute everyday look by pushing the hair into a high ponytail with rubber band twists on the side. 

Rubber band High-Puff


47. Twist Braids with Twist Out

This black girl hairstyle has a twist at the top with a twist out in the back. It’s super cute for any event.

twist braids


48. Natural Locs

You can never go wrong with natural locs with color. If you have locs and are looking for an easy hairstyle, check this out. 

Curly Locs


49. Jungle Braids

These Jungle Braids are super cute and you can also add accessories to them to add a little bit more jazz. 

Jungle Braids


50. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids are super cute and another protective hairstyle to help protect your hair. 

Butterfly Braids


51. Braided Updo

If you are looking for hairstyles for black girls, check this out! You can put twists at the top and then put a bun at the top to create a sleek look. 

Braided Updo


52. Bantu Knots

Over Bantu Knots are super cute and really great for protecting the hair. After you take down Bantu knots, you can wear your hair wavy.

Bantu Knots


53. Bantu Knots with braids

This is very similar to the overall Bantu knots style above, but this one adds two single braids to the hairstyle for even more creativity. 

Bantu Knots with braids


54. Kinky Hair Up

When all else fails, just wear the hair in a kinky updo. You can achieve this look by grabbing a hair band and pushing the hair to the top. It’s simple and fun!

Kinky Hair Up


55. Short Kinky Hair

If you have short natural hair try this cute style. You can achieve this by doing bantu knots on the hair and taking them days a few days later. 

Short Kinky Hair


56. Braids with Curly Hair 

This look is actually achieved by braiding the top into french braids and adding curly hair to the back for a full look. My favorite place to find kinky curly hair is Heat Free Hair. Check them out here. 

black girl hairstyle


57. Long Braid Styles

If you are looking for a cute black hairstyle with braids, check this out!  I love the color this model has with braids as well. 

Long Braid styles


58. Natural Hair Bun

This natural hair bun is very elegant and very pretty if you are looking for a cute black girl hairstyle. You can also achieve this look by adding hair to the top of your hair. 

Natural Hair Bun


59. Three Buns

Here is another black girl hairstyle that is super cute to wear. It’s three buns with one at the top, one in the middle, and then one in the back. 

Natural Buns


60. Double Heart Braids

These braids are super cute! I love the heart, and it reminds me of valentine’s day and its super cute for little girls, teens, and adults. 

Double Heart Braids


Final Thoughts on hairstyles for black girls

If you are looking for some cool and fun hairstyles for black girls this year, this post shared up to 60 different hairstyles you can try on natural hair. Some of my favorite natural hairstyles to wear are box braids, twist braids, and twist-outs. 

For protective styling, I usually go with box braids, as it is the easiest for me to do with three little boys. So, if you are looking for protective styling or just looking for a great hairstyle to wear to an event, check out these hairstyles. Also, below check out more natural hair resources.