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36 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles For 2023

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Cute Black Girl Hairstyles

Are you currently looking for the best black girl hairstyles to try? If so you are in the right place. As a busy mom of 3, I love to find easy and beautiful natural hairstyles that I can wear every day so I decided to compile a list of 40 black girl hairstyles that you can try this year..

When growing up I wish I had something similar to this because it would have made my life much easier when trying to grow my hair naturally. So to help make your life easier this post will cover some of the best black girl hairstyles that you can try in 2023. Let’s first dive into some common questions asked about natural hairstyles.

Which hairstyle is best for kids?

Two of the best hairstyle for kids are braids and twists. These protective styles can help give the hair a break and to grow.  So, if you are looking for a great hairstyle for kids consider looking into getting them braids or twists. 

How do I style my black daughter’s hair?

Here are some quick steps to help style a black girl’s hair.

  1. Make sure that the hair is washed and conditioned. 
  2. Separate and detangle the hair when it is wet and moisturized. This will make the styling process much easier.  
  3. Apply additional moisturizer to the hair and then style. 

Click here to check out a video tutorial on how to detangle African American hair. 

Which black hairstyle lasts longest?

Some of the black hairstyles that last the longest are box braids, Long Faux Locs, Bantu Knots, Marley Twists, and Passion Twists.

36 Cute Black Girl Hairstyles To Try: 2023 Edition

Disclaimer: These images were taken from Pinterest and Instagram. If you are the original owner of the image please email me with proof and I will give you credit for the image. 🙂

1. Box Braids

One of the best black girls’ hairstyles is the classic box braids. If you are looking to achieve this hairstyle, I highly recommend grabbing some Xpressions hair. The amount to use will vary on head size. To learn how to achieve this look and how much hair to use check out this Youtube video. 

cute Black girl hairstyle


2. Updo With Puff Ponytail 

If you are looking for a cute black girl hairstyle check out this braided updo by NovemberLov. 

Black girl hair


3. Braided Up Ponytail

This braided-up ponytail is super cute if you are looking for a new black girl hairstyle. If you aren’t sure how to braid hair yourself check out this video. This video will help you get an understanding of how to braid hair.

Black girl hairstyle


4. Full Curls & High Ponytail

This is a cute hairstyle to do on your daughter’s hair. These remind me of the Shirley Temple curls for black girls. This style is twisted at the top while the back hair lays on the back. 


5. Ponytail With Braids

Another black girl hairstyle that I love is this updo ponytail with braids. This hairstyle also includes beads that you can add to the end of the hair. You can grab beads at your local beauty supply store or from Amazon. 

Little black girl hairstyle


6. Two long Ponytails

Here is a quick hairstyle that you can do within 15 to 25 mins. The good thing about this hairstyle is that while it takes a short amount of time it can also last at least 3 to 5 days. It’s a great protective hairstyle. 

black girl hairstyle


7. Side Cornrows with Two Strand Twists.

Looking for a cute black girl hairstyle? Check out this hairstyle which is a side cornrow with a two-strand twists protective style.

Black girl hairstyle cute


8. French Braids

French braids are always an easy black girl hairstyle that you can do very quickly.

Black girl hairstyle happy coily curls


9. Long French ponytail

If you love the ponytail look this black girl hairstyle will be a great one for you. It’s quick, easy and on top of that, it’s a great hairstyle to protect your hair.

Black girl hairstyle


10. Two french braids with edges

This beautiful black girl hairstyle is great for traveling and for events.

Black girl hairstyle cute


11. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are a great black girl hairstyle if you are looking for protective styling that is not only cute but can also help your hair grow.

Bantu Knots


12. Mohawk 

Another great hairstyle is the Mohawk! This mohawk is stylish and also edgey.

Black girl hair


13. Twist braids

One of my favorite hairstyles is twist braids. Twist braids are great when you want to give your hair break and also protect it.

Twist braids


14. Braided Ponytail With A Heart

This is a cute little black girl hairstyle.

Little black girl hairstyle


15. Twist with beads 

This cute twist braid hairstyle is a must if you are looking for a pretty braid look.

Twist Braids for black girls


16. Cornrows & Twists

This hairstyle is one of my favorites because you can wear it as a protective style .

Cornrow twists


17. Kinky Curly Ponytail 

This kinky curly ponytail inspired by a Kelly Rowland look is simply gorgeous.

Black girl big puff hair


18. Long ponytail with braids

Here is a ponytail look you can try for low hair maintenance. I love it because it’s so beautiful and yet simple to do.

Black girl hairstyle with braids


19. Sleek Bun

Love this sleek bun on the hair model. This is great for events and for going out as well.

Sleek bun on black girl


20. Two braided ponytails

How gorgeous is this two-braided ponytail look?  This hairstyle is great for events and more.

French braid ponytails black girl


21. Twists Braids

An Easy and beautiful black girl hairstyle is this set of twist braids on the model below.

passion twist braids


22. Twist Ponytail

I absolutely love this braided-up ponytail with color. This is a great black girl hairstyle that you can try this month.

braided ponytail


23. Braids Updo

Here is another beautiful braid style that you can try if you are looking for hairstyle ideas.

black girl braids


24. Natural Updo 

Check out this beautiful updo on this natural hair model. If you are looking for a beautiful natural updo for a wedding or event this is a great one to do.

black girl updo hairstyle

25. Silk Press Two Ponytails 

Wow! This pretty ponytail hairstyle is a great one to test out for any occasion.

black girl ponytails

26. Updo with Braids

This updo hairstyle with braids is a huge hit and very beautiful.

black girl hairstyle

27. Afro 

I love a good fro! This one is a great one to achieve if you are looking for a natural hairstyle.

afro hairstyle


28. Large braid updo

Super cute black girl hairstyle that can take the stress off your hair and let it relax for a few weeks.

black girl braids


29. Braid Up-Do

This braided updo is super cute and very neat!

updo braids


30. Curly twist out 

Try this curly twist out if you are looking for a cute black girl hairstyle.

twist out on black girl


31. Twist Braid

Super cute twist braid that you can try on your natural hair.

natural black girl hairstyle


32. Jumbo Braids

Love these jumbo braids. Not only is this style pretty easy to achieve but it’s a great one to protect your hair.

braids on black girl


33. Cornrow Braids 

These lemonade braids are super cute and stylish.

Lemonade Braids


34. Pony Tail in Braids

Love this ponytail braid hairstyle for black girls.

Black girl hairstyle to protect hair


35. Updo Ponytail

This updo ponytail is gorgeous. It also includes braids which makes it a great protective hairstyle as well.

Braids black girl


36. Pretty Butterfly Locs

I love these butterfly locs on the hair model. These are great for an everyday look as well as for an event look.

Butterfly Locs


 How do I find a hairstylist that does children’s hair in my area?

If you are looking for a hairstylist in your area you can do a Google search and type in the keywords “Children hairstylist in my area”. After that, a list of hairstylists in your area will come up. 

How can I grow my natural black hair?

Wearing protective styles is great if you are looking to grow natural black hair. Protective styles such as twist braids and box braids are great protective styles. 

Can black hair grow fast?

Black hair on average grows between 4 to 6 inches per year. With African American hair it’s important to keep hair retention in mind. This means keeping the hair from breaking ends, breaking off, and splitting. You can combat hair-splitting and break off by keeping the hair well moisturized.

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Final Thoughts on Black Girl Hairstyles

If you are looking for an easy and beautiful natural hairstyle this post shared over 30 black girl hairstyles that you can try this month. I absolutely love switching up my hairstyles and trying something different so this was a fun post to create.

Since I am a visual person I have also included some hair tutorials below to get you started with below as well.

Do you currently wear your hair natural? If so, what are some of your favorite hairstyles?