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25 Beautiful & Easy Butterfly Braids Hairstyles To Try in 2023

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When I heard about butterfly braids, I had to jump on the internet to see and find new ways someone could braid their hair with these braids. As you may know, wearing protective styles is vital to giving your hair a break and also for hair growth. 

So in this post, you will learn more about what butterfly braids are, and we will also share some of the best ways to style butterfly braids. 

What Are Butterfly Braids?

Butterfly Braids are a beautiful style you can achieve with hair extensions braided into your natural hair. When you braid your hair, you will pull out the extension hair, giving you the effect of a butterfly’s wings. The result is a charming, eye-catching design that is perfect for any occasion.

It is a great way to add texture and glamour to any look. To create butterfly braids, you must have some basic braiding techniques and knowledge of weaving three or more strands of hair together. With some practice, you can master this beautiful style in no time.

25 Beautiful & Easy Butterfly Braids Styles To Try in 2023


1. Butterfly Braids W/ Two PonyTails

Here is an adorable butterfly braid hairstyle that you can try that has two cute ponytails. If you are looking for hair inspiration, this is a great style to check out and also try this year.
Butterfly Braids


2. Butterfly Braid with Curls

Who doesn’t like curls? I know I do, and this Butterfly Braid hairstyle is super cute. For this style, you will get your hair braided back like cornrows and leave the ends out to create the curly effect. 
Butterfly Braid with Curls


3. Butterfly Braids With Red Color

I love the color of this set of Butterfly Braids! If you are looking for some color to add to your braids to make them pop, check out braid style with color. 

Butterfly Braids


4. Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Here are some Jumbo Butterfly Braids that you can try if you love the jumbo look. I love this look on the model. It looks very professional and is also great for an everyday look.
Butterfly Braid Hairstyles


5. Waist-Length  Braids

If you love the long look, this is for you. These Butterfly Box Braids look goes a little past the waist and also have red color in the braids to make them pop. 
Butt-Length Butterfly Box Braids

6. Jumbo  Braids

I love these Jumbo Butterfly braids. They are super cute if you want to test the Butterfly Braid hairstyle. 
Jumbo Butterfly Braids


7. Butterfly Braid Hairstyle

Here is a cute butterfly braid hairstyle that you can try. To achieve this hairstyle, you will get cornrows and also leave out some of the hair at the end of the braids.
Butterfly Braid Hairstyle


8. Butterfly Locs Styles

Here is another cute braid hairstyle that you can do this year. The model has hair in a bun at the top with two braids in the front. The rest of the braids are down, giving it a great everyday look.
Butterfly Locs Styles


9. Red  Braids

These red braids are giving life! If you are looking to add color to your braids, check out this style for inspiration 
Red Butterfly Braids


10. Long Knotless Braids

I love the long braid look, and this style is super cute if you want to achieve a more extended look.
Long Knotless Butterfly Braids


11. Blue Braid Hairstyle

These blue braids are so cute, and I love the added color. If you are creative and love adding edgy colors to your braids, this might be your style to test out.
Blue Butterfly Braid Hairstyle


12.  Butterfly Jumbo Braids

Here is another jumbo braid style for inspiration. If you are looking to get braids but don’t want it to take a long time to get your hair done, this might be an excellent style for you to try this year.
Jumbo Butterfly Braids


13. Butterfly Knotless Braids

These knotless braids are so pretty. If you are looking to achieve the knotless braid look with the butterfly effect, try this style out.
Butterfly Knotless Braids


14. Goddess Box Braids

Here is another braid set with color; to top it off, it has a lot of lengths. Try this style out if you love the long braid look with color. 
Butterfly Goddess Box Braids


15. Long Passion Braids 

This style is super cute! To create butterfly braids such as these, you will need to have some basic braiding techniques and knowledge of how to weave three or more strands of hair together. Butterfly Passion Braids Hairstyle


16.  Passion Braids Hairstyle

Here is another hairstyle that you can try with your braids. The model has her braids in a top ponytail.
Butterfly Passion Braids Hairstyle


17. Short Butterfly Braids

If you love the short look, try this short braid hairstyle. These braids can be styled in many different ways and can last several weeks if properly maintained.

Short Butterfly Hair Styles


18. Butterfly Braids Hairstyle

I love the color of these braids. The color is super cute, and the size of the braids is perfect. 

Butterfly Braids Hairstyle


19. Knotless Passion Braids

Here are some knotless passion braids that you can try this year. The model has her hair in a super cute ponytail. This is a great go-to style. 
Knotless Passion Braids


20. Butterfly Braids Style

I love this braid hairstyle. The color and length is super cute if you are looking for a super neat set of braids.
Butterfly Braids Style


21. Butterfly Locs with Curly Ends

This butterfly locs haistyle is super cute with curly ends. I love the updo, which is perfect for a night on the town.

Butterfly Locs with Curly Ends


22. Butterfly Braids

I love this braid look! If you are looking for braids with two different colors. Try this style this year if you are looking for a cute braid style with a pop color.
Butterfly Braids


23. Vibrant Butterfly Braids
Vibrant Butterfly Braids


24. Red Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Here are some red jumbo braids that you can try if you are looking for the long red look.
Red Jumbo Butterfly Braids


25. Butterfly Box Braids

I love this ombre box braid hairstyle. These braids have a pop of color and they are long in length. 

Butterfly passion braids


26. Crochet Passion Braids

This set of braids is super cute. I love how big they are and also the length. Also, the crochet method is one of the methods to work braids. Would you rock this hairstyle? 

Butterfly Braids


What Type of Hair Do You Need For Butterfly Braids?

Some of the best hair for Butterfly Braids is pre-stretched hair which you can find at your local beauty supply store or on Amazon. Click here to see a full list of different type of hair that you can use for your butterfly braids.


How Many Packs of Hair Do I Need For Butterfly Braids?

The amount of hair you will need to install these types of braids will depend on a few factors, such as length and size. However, for most braid styles like these, you will need at least 4 -5 packs of pre-stretched braiding hair, such as Freetress Water wave hair. 

How Long Do Butterfly Braids Last?

Butterfly Braids can last anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the maintenance. Remember, caring for your natural hair while you have your braids in and when you take them out is essential. 

How Much Do Butterfly Passion Braids Cost?

On Average, this will depend on the stylist, but you can estimate that Butterfly or passion braids will cost anywhere between $150 to $500. Keep this will vary depending on the stylist and also the city you are currently in. 


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